Monday, December 14, 2009

Review from the Summit: Why Most Sales Training Ultimately Fails

Day 1 of the Summit continued as Brian Smith discussed the most common reasons that lead to the failure of sales training within most organizations. These included:
  • Training the wrong person
  • Typical training is not the right type of training
  • No in-place field training or supervision
  • No lead controls in-place
Examine your own sales training and if you are not getting the results that you should be, it is likely a result of one or more of these factors being askew.

Make sure to listen to the free preview of The Successful Science of In-Home Selling, which gives up-to-date methodological steps for dealing with these issues.

The next summary from the Summit will feature Hobson Hogan's presentation on "The Opportunity to Acquire Other Businesses".

1 comment:

  1. Most sales training fails because it does not train management as well as the salesman. Dog obedience school is more about training the owner than training the dog. Likewise, unless Management gives the sales guy what he needs to win, the sales Guy fails. In most cases, Management doesn't even know what they need to give to the Sales Guy.

    FUture sales training will focus on instilling a 'whole company solution' and putting in place a framework for repeatable and scalable revenue.